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Robbie's is the home of Robbie, variously: writer of words, founder of Make More Dots, inventor of 'grated butter', sometime creative director, camera owner, cardigan wearer, keen snoozer and maker of stuff.


Some explanation for the things listed above
AKA: what exactly *is* grated butter?
  • Writer of words: I've written scripts, guides, maps, jokes, ads, talks, courses, instructions and loads of post-its.
  • Founder of Make More Dots: An organisation that believes the world would be a better place if we were all more curious.
  • Inventor of 'grated butter': Works well in winter when the butter's rock hard and you want low-frustration toast (or if you're a nutter who keeps it in the fridge).
  • Sometime creative director: Award winning creative director in agency-land advising organisations incl. PlayStation, Lego, BBC, Comic Relief, Red Bull.
  • Camera owner: Enthusiastic photographer with credits at a Venice Biennale and in various books.
  • Cardigan wearer: I wear cardigans sometimes. I like their buttoned up, deep necked, woolly fledged style.
  • Keen snoozer: I once slept through a car smashing into the building I was in and the subsequent emergency services working for 4 hours.
  • Maker of stuff: You can see the great and clever stuff below. Some odd bits too. The terrible stuff I've hidden.
  • Stuff.

    Some stuff I have done (do) and made (make)
    A mix of the professional and the slightly odd.
    Current/recent projects:
  • King's College London: Bringing to life their commitment to widening participation & student success.
  • 'Branding On A Budget': Writing and delivering workshops at the British Library, in tech accelerators (and beyond...)
  • The Thoughtful Supply Kit: A solution for people who want to change the world but don't quite know where to start.
  • Mapology Guides: Illustrated maps for life's journey - Are You Looking For Answers?, Make It Happen! and Where Do Ideas Come From?
  • Brilliantly Easy, Stupidly Difficult: A podcast about what we choose to do, coming 2019... Listen to the pilot.

  • Past glories:
  • Real: The Physical Network: The world's first (probably) physical social network, created for The Royal Mail at 1000heads.
  • Rise Bakery: Helped created a brilliant bakery brand (and social enterprise) for homeless charity Providence Row.
  • The Morning After Brewery: Branding entire bars to promote conversations about safe sex and alcohol, created for YouthNet at 1000heads.
  • Gotham City 3D: A 3D version of The Dark Knight's Gotham City built in Nokia Maps (for Nokia/Warner Brothers).
  • Social Stickle Bricks: Well, Lego. Helped create the animations that launched the brand on Vine and Instagram.
  • Party Politics: I helped and advised a team who - against all odds - changed the face of British Politics in 2015. (Can you guess which?)

  • Fun stuff:
  • Today Do This: Do one thing every day to make today better than yesterday...
  • Citius, Altius, Nerdius: Taking an unhealthy interest in the stats, details and idiosyncrasies of sport.
  • Herbert Rumbelow: Letters to celebrities (from a man with a modest laptop).
  • One Peeled Orange: Images created from peeled oranges, satsumas and tangerines.
  • View From Today: One view for every day of 2016.
  • Different Ipsum: Filler text for every occasion.
  • Harvey Felon: Homepage of amateur board game designer Harvey Felon.
  • Guess Who?: A game of 'Guess Who?' made out of 40 laptops (for Nokia)

  • Some experiments with Twitter bots:
  • Stopped Clock: ...suggesting things that could be happening *right now*.
  • Gordon's Diary: ...writing new entries in Gordon's diary.
  • Quick Excuse: ...offering up quick excuses to order.
  • Remember To Get ...generating odd little shopping lists.
  • Selected scripts
    Words I have written that have been acted out

    I've also written sketches and jokes broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 7, written work for the stage in London and the Edinburgh Fringe, produced (the only, I think) radio adaptation of Joe Orton's 'Loot', had short stories and poems published and moved people to tears with my moving/crushing words in leaving/birthday/christmas cards.


    Robbie elsewhere

      On Twitter receiving customer service and trying to be witty.
      On Medium writing blunt (as in 'not cutting') satire.
      On LinkedIn for all the usual nuts and bolts.

    Robbie facts

      London based (and proud resident of Catford, SE6).
      Twice contestant on University Challenge.
      Loyal member of the Tartan Army.
      Owner of a T-Rex tooth and part of the Apollo 11 command module.

    Hola, Bonjour, Hello

    If you want to talk turkey (or any other flightless bird), email me on and we can start the fiesta...
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